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Photos : Alex Kaiser , Magnus ,Jonas and Zero Jonas Deibe Svalbard  



Welcome to my new homepage. There is still some things to fix in this English version and hoppfully it will be fixed very sone... But ,right now you can read about our summer snowboarding trip in Scandinavia. Thanx to "banana boy -JK" for helping me with editing the text. Se ya all sone ;)

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-Our roadtrip in Scandinavia this summer. Main photo on this page are taken this summer in Stryn 1/2-pipe.

-Snowboarding inside the polorcircle. Right now its only a Swedish story, but what ever...Svalbardstory

-Who am I.Check out here

-Links to my sponsor. Oxygen snowboards , Northwave , drake bindings and Columbia sportswear.




Jonas Deibe Svalbard






Sidan är gjord med hjälp av Dreamweaver , Photoshop ,Windows NT och Linux Slackware. Bilderna på denna site tillhör fotograferna och får ej användas utan tillåtelse från fotograferna..

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